Why choose us

What Makes Us Different?

Our main priority is to provide the right level of care to each client while implementing our high standards. To achieve this, we employ carers and individuals who believe in providing care that really does stand out.

We are open and transparent which means that we are here when you want to talk. Confidentiality is the key driver behind how we operate and we are always ready to provide the support you need when you need it.

It’s About Taking Time

At Home Care Assist, we don’t rush to visit each client before moving on to the next. We believe in providing a personal service whereby each client feels at ease and comfortable. Therefore, we aim to keep each call at an hour as a minimum, however, we can amend this as you see fit. During this time, we can talk and listen to clients while getting to know them personally. By taking our time, we can also observe clients and monitor their health and situation.

What You Get from Us

  • As staff travel in their own time, clients will always get the full amount of time they have paid for.
  • Our carers dress appropriately with our recognisable purple badge uniforms
  • We take our time, ensuring visits are not rushed.
  • We use state of the art planning software to ensure that visits are planned accordingly. This also means that all visits are logged
  • We employ experienced staff who are committed to offering an exceptional level of care.
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