Are your Carers checked and insured?

Yes, All our Carers go through in-dept checks which include reference check as well an enhanced DBS check (criminal record check) before going out to care.

Are your Carers Fully Trained?

All our staff go through an in-dept training program delivered by our in house trainer before being aloud to go out and deliver care. They then go through refresher training and supervisions throughout the year.

How do you know the visit has been completed?

We have invested in the top of the range planning software that enable us to know when each visit has been completed. The system requires the carer to scan a QR code on entering the house to signal starting the shift, they than work there way through tasks by ticking off from a list on there device. It is only once completing all of this that they are able to log out. Once this is done it upload to our computer straight away.

Do I pay the carer?

No, You or the authorised representative are only invoiced after the completion of services.