Are your Carers checked and insured?

Yes, all of our carers are put through reference checks as well as enhanced DBS checks before they are placed into each role.

Are your Carers Fully Trained?

Yes, every carer that works for us has to undergo all relevant training that is delivered by our in-house trainer. Only once they meet our expectations are they suitable to begin delivering our services. We also provide refresher training that takes place throughout the year as well as supervisions.

How do you know the visit has been completed?

We believe in offering the best possible level of care which means that we have invested in the best planning software currently available. The carer will be expected to scan a QR code when entering the property which will indicate that the visit is taking place. They then work through their tasks and upon completion, they will then log out. All of this information is passed straight to management, enabling us to manage efficiency and expectations.

Do I pay the carer?

No, the carer is not paid as you or the authorised representative will be invoiced after the services have been completed.