What is Companionship

For many elderly people, communicating using digital technology is not possible, which means that they are not experiencing the companionship they desire.

As we get older, the social networks that we once had can disappear, leaving us feeling isolated, lonely and confined to our homes with only our televisions and radios as company. That fear of an awkward fall while out and about can leave individuals struggling with confidence, all of which can leave us feeling as though we are prisoners in our own homes.

Care and support goes further than taking care of shopping or cooking meals because it also includes interaction. Seeing someone can lift our spirits and leave us feeling more positive while spending time with someone also gives us something different to focus on. Whether that’s going out for a coffee or simply having a chat, it can all make a difference.

How Home Care Assist Can Help

Life moves by at a rapid rate which makes it difficult for people to spend time with loved ones who are perhaps, confined to their homes. However, we can create a tailored support package that offers the companionship that individuals deserve and need. From helping with household tasks to having a chat and a cup of tea, we can make a difference.

Our Companionship Care Services

Here are some of the activities our companionship carers can help with:

  • Support on a day trip
  • A friend to talk and listen to
  • Emotional support
  • Company doing hobbies
  • Shopping for food, clothes or other items
  • Going to a day centre
  • Light housekeeping

Looking for further information about our Companionship

If you would like to find out more information about our Companionship Care, then get in touch by calling us on 01782 405096 or by completing this form. A member of our experienced team will be in touch to discuss your needs and guide you through your options.

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