Our New Care Car

At Home Care Assist we are always looking to reduce our impact on the earth should it be from reducing paper usage to reducing mileage. The world is currently facing a climate change problem and we all have to play a role in helping to reverse the damage and this is one of the factors that guided our decision to invest in a self-charging car, it means that they are good for the environment and with less fuel used and fewer emissions emitted, it means that they are better for us as we move forward.

Naturally, we were unsure of what we wanted to purchase initially, but once we had set our eyes on the Toyota Corolla, we instantly recognised that it would fit our goals of doing things better and being greener in the way we act. What’s more, as they are self-charging, it gives our team the chance to focus on their core role. Therefore, they won’t have to worry about finding charging ports to charge their vehicle while they are carrying out their role. The engine moves between petrol and electric which makes them perfect for short journeys while they are excellent on fuel and use less fuel too. This all helps us to take a positive step forward when helping the planet and the environment. However, we can now have confidence knowing that we can continue to deliver our excellent service and have vehicles that we can now rely on.

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