Funding your Care

Funding your care

The funding of care is a concern for almost everyone, especially when you consider the potential costs involved.

Whether you are looking to benefit from home care or you need to go into a care home, there are going to be costs involved and this means that you are going to need to consider all options.

In many cases, the government will provide some element of support for those needing care but the legislation is set at a country level and so, it is not UK wide. For many, there will be a need to pay for some of the additional care and support that is required as it will help to improve the quality of life for people. However, when it comes to care costs, you should take into consideration the type of care that is required as this will have an influence on the cost. There are things to consider such as the outcomes of care that go beyond taking care of tasks as it will include their safety. And so, care is something that is designed to enhance the enjoyment that someone has for life but that all comes at a price.

Care Home Costs or Care at Home Costs

Personal circumstances will dictate whether an individual will need to go into a care home or whether they will be able to make use of care at home.

Of course, having to move completely into a care home will mean that the costs are higher and in most instances the average cost is £31,000 per year per person. This has to be funded somehow and this is where the challenges can arise. This can often place a strain on family members and finances too.

However, in contrast to this, home care is a lot cheaper and more affordable. This means that they pay for the care that comes to the home. So, they not only have to pay a lower price but they also have the opportunity to continue to live at home. Care can either be provided by a health professional or a specialist service or a family member can be classed as a carer. However, the care they require has to be understood fully to ensure that the right level of carer is put in place.

Attendance Allowance

For those over the age of 65 who need personal care assistance, then they can make a claim for attendance allowance, which is not means-tested. This can range from £58.70 a week up to £87.65 per week depending on the level of care they need.

Carers Allowance

There is also carers allowance if those carrying out the care are over 16 and spending more than 35 hours per week caring for someone. This is £66.15 per week.


Savings have always played a big part in funding care and for those who have savings of more than £23,250 will not be entitled to any financial help. What this might mean is that the individual might have to consider selling assets in order to cover the cost of care whether that is moving into a care home or receiving home care.

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